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Beef sirloin roasting joint (boned and rolled)


Juicy, rich, tender and full of fabulous marbling.

1kg serves 3-5

2kg serves 7-9



Supplied by Blagdon Butchers

A well-marbled cut, sirloin is famous for its tasty, melt-in-the-mouth succulence – a result of small streaks of fat melting and basting the meat from within as it cooks.

Our beef is all sourced from farms around the Chew Valley. All the meat is high welfare and 100% Pasture Fed. We specialise in grass fed, dry aged meat. Keeping the animals on pasture is better for them and therefore has got to be better for us. Dry ageing for 30 days plus gives our meat its unique full flavour, as far away from bland high volume meat as you can get.