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We are an independent retailer, caterer, baker and deli based in the South West. We make, bake and curate amazing tasting, local and ethical food.

Smiling faces. Laughter, joy, care. That smell that makes you crave more. 

We're on a mission to buck the trend of a broken food system and connect us with food that nourishes and tastes phenomenal.

Think local store, meets farm shop, meets deli. Full of food that makes you drool and people that make you smile.

Our History

We are lucky enough to serve thousands of customers every week. It is incredibly important to us that we stick to our ethos of making, baking and sourcing amazing tasting, locally sourced, ethical food.

We take immense pleasure in bringing smiles to people's faces by connecting people with where their food comes from.

From the side of the road

In 2016, disillusioned by the state of mass-market retail, Rob Hagen took on a small shop on the side of the road, near by to Bristol Airport. There seemed to be a race to the bottom on price, quality and taste at the expense of community and our planet.

Determined to bring people together over food, connect people with where it comes from and leave people grinning, the latest Brockley Stores was born.

A huge number of locally farmed and produced products were introduced and the business began to thrive.

In 2018, a modern, purpose built commercial kitchen was built to allow us to expand our food offering using the same amazing ingredients we sold to the local community.

To the heart of St Mark's Road

In 2019, Rob had realised there were people screaming out for good food all over the South West. He took on the incredible East Bristol Bakery and started building up the team to develop their range of pastries, bread and cakes. The same ethos for ingredients as Brockley, we use just Organic Shipton Mill flour, salt, water and starter in our bread.

This also meant, we could now supply incredible bread and pastries to Brockley Stores as well as a small number of wholesale accounts.

The birth of the Public Market

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Rob worked with a now somewhat expanded team to develop The Public Market.

The new store opened in November 2020 on Mivart Street, nestled amongst the incredible Mivart Studios.

A retailer, baker and deli with a passion for amazing tasting, locally sourced, ethical food. We've brought in some of the most talented, but most importantly kindest people to make and sell food that puts a smile on your face.

From Retail to catering!

By 2022, our retail businesses had become established, loved parts of their communities. We now employ more than 50 people across three sites and source food from more than 100 local growers, producers and farmers.

But now people were also asking for us to help them cater for business events, family gatherings, birthdays, picnics and celebrations. People and mindful businesses wanted to bring incredible, seasonal, local, ethical food to their gatherings. They didn't want mass produced, intensively farmed, low welfare and low taste food.

So in May, we launched our catering business and are now delighted to be able to help you enjoy incredible times with friends or colleagues through delicious food.