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Bacon - Unsmoked Back c. 250g


Sandridge Farm Unsmoked Back bacon c. 250g


From Sandridge Farm in Wiltshire. Fed on their own grain, together with yoghurt, beer and cider yeast that are milled at the farm, providing a well balanced diet for our pigs, free from artifical hormones, growth promoters and routine anti-biotics.

Using the Wiltshire Cure method of curing, developed by the Harris family of Calne in 1840's. Sides of pork are immersed in Brine (a salt and saltpetre solution containing useful salt tolerant bacteria) for 3 to 4 days, then stacked in a cool cellar for two weeks to mature. Following the Traditional Wiltshire method, we do not add any water to the bacon. We like to say that after Salt, Time is our most important ingredient.