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Our Ethos

Our Founder - Rob Hagen

After spending a decade woking in 'big business' I saw first hand, how food had become commoditised at the expense of our planet....

Carbon footprints and ethics had been “offshored” - out of site, out of mind. Price, quality and taste has all been dropped, while farmers struggle to make minimum wage and people have lost the understanding of where their food really comes from.
High streets are struggling to find their place in a world ruled by machines; we’re becoming more crowded, but more lonely.⁣
In 2016 I took on a small farm shop, Brockley Stores, at the side of the road, just south of Bristol. We put integrity, traceability and amazing taste at the heart of everything we did, and people seemed to like it quite a lot. We grew the number of small suppliers and growers we worked with, then took on East Bristol Bakery, to put more focus on those three simple ingredients humankind has been so dependent on for millennia (flour, salt, water!)
During our time in Easton, we've seen some amazing neighbours selling incredible food and an inspiring community, but felt we could fill a gap by connecting the us all with locally grown or produced food. We want to add the rich tapestry of our community and connect people with each other and where our food comes from.


The Team

Will is our fab GM. He's passionate about where food comes from and what we put into our bodies. He joined us to help open the business from day one and has built up an incredible range and a great bunch of people to work here =)