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Pork Loin (Boned & Rolled) 1kg


Perfect for your sunday roast.

Serves 4-5


Supplied by Blagdon Butchers.

This mild-flavoured, lean cut is wrapped in a good layer of fat which bastes the meat whilst cooking, keeping it juicy and tender, and produces an outstanding crackling. Smother in a herby marinade or stuff with fresh sage, pine nuts and onion to keep the joint extra moist whilst roasting.

We use the traditional Saddleback breed, a no nonsense pig. They produce an all round carcass that is both equally good for your roast joint of pork and to cure for hams and bacon.
The pigs are all reared outdoors which means they are free to range across our pasture land and are given feed which is low-GM and pesticide free. At night they're housed in small groups which means they are kept at a high level of animal welfare standards and are not given routine antibiotics. This allows the animals to grow at a more natural pace, giving the muscles time to develop which creates a deeper, more intense flavour.