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Organic milk - Bruton Dairy (various sizes)


Bruton Dairy organic milk comes in three varieties: Whole, Semi-Skimmed and Skimmed.
Available in 1 litre and 2 litre recyclable plastic containers.


All of Bruton's milk is collected on a daily basis using their own collection tanker and is pasteurised and bottled within 24 hours. Freshness is guaranteed.

Their methods of milk processing are very traditional, and focus on quality and taste rather than convenience. All of their milk is pasteurised but they do not homogenise like the majority of other dairies. Homogenising basically breaks down the milk fat, which we believe affects the taste. You will notice that Bruton milk stays creamy at the top. this is only found in milk that is unhomogenised. Just a simple shake will mix the cream & milk together.