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Lamb Shoulder (bone in c. 2kg)


Less expensive than a leg and great for slow cooking.

Serves 7-8


Supplied by Blagdon Butcher.

Rub with garlic and oil then cover and slow roast your shoulder for melt-in-the-mouth tenderness.

Our Lambs are sourced from local suppliers on the Mendips and valleys that make up the beautiful Somerset countryside. Its premium quality and exceptional flavour are testament to the traditional way in which the sheep are reared.
Native breeds are chosen that are somewhat smaller in carcass yields but much sweeter tasting meat including the LLeyn Breed of sheep which originate from Wales. We breed and farm them here because they are a versatile breed that produce wonderful tasting meat. Lleyn sheep are excellent mothers and lamb outdoors with little intervention. They have a diet of grass alone which is why they have an amazing flavour.