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Crossman's Mayfield Cider


Traditional cider from Mayfield Farm in Hewish.

Available in 1L and 2.5L, Sweet, Medium and Dry

6% ABV


Brewing since 1977 when Ben Crossman restored his grandfather's old cider making equipment. Now based at Mayfield farm in Hewish.

The Farm has 2 main orchards – a standard orchard which was replanted in the late 1960′s containing varieties such as Chisel Jersey, Sweet Coppin, Somerset Redstreak, Yarlington Mill, Dabinett, Michelin & Brown Snout and a 400 tree bush orchard planted in 1987 with varieties such as Harry Masters Jersey, Improved Dove, Tremlett’s Bitter, Stembridge Jersey, Sweet Coppin & Dabinett.

When the cider is ready for sale it is stored in oak barrels housed in a rustic stone storehouse with a thatched roof on the side of the farm. Some of the barrels are between 80 and 100 years old.

6% ABV