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Coffee - Extract Decaff 250g


Washed & Sugarcane EA Decaffeinated

In the cup: Blackcurrant, Brown Sugar & Cocoa


The Sugarcane E.A. process is unlike any other in its ability to retain exceptional flavour while using natural extraction methods. Locally grown sugarcane is fermented to produce Ethyl Acetate compounds. Green (unroasted) coffee is steamed then soaked in water with the EAs which remove the caffeine. The water is drained and the coffee is rinsed, re-steamed (to remove any traces of the EAs) then sent to us for roasting. We find the process produces a more stable, sweeter coffee which, works particularly well for espresso and customers who drink coffee with milk.

Our current Sugarcane decaf beans are grown by our long-standing partner, La Marianela – a coffee farm we’ve been working with for nearly a decade and are proud to call friends. Using coffee from La Marianela means that, in addition to growing one of our most sustainable coffee partnerships, we can improve quality and give 100% traceability from crop to cup.

Another benefit is the smaller supply chain – this allows for fewer food-miles, and therefore a smaller carbon footprint, and directs more funds to the country of origin. A win-win-win.