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Bini Green Bean and Potato - Frozen


Green bean and potato is cooked with ajwain seed, asafoetida powder, tumeric, fresh ginger and sautéed onions and tomatoes. Topped with fresh coriander.

Medium spicy



Cooked in Somerset, all Bini ready meals are inspired by family recipes and skills taught by her mother and aunties.

When I was sixteen, I often prepared the family lunch of green bean and potato curry before heading out to my Saturday afternoon job working in a women's clothing store. Freshly showered and changed into clean clothing I the bus city. When the manager said the curry smelled wonderful., I realised the aroma had spread throughout the house and even into my clean, ironed blouse. From then on we prepared lunch much earlier in the morning with the extractor fan on full, all the windows open and my bedroom door firmly shut. We all enjoyed the curry anyway.

The recipes are traditional to home cooked Indian dishes, quality ingredients and are hand made in small batches to ensure the flavours and textures are true to the authentic Indian home cooked experience.